Born in 1977, Nancy Caramello AKA Cyneye, is an art photographer. She grew up in Italy.

At the end of ‘90s, Nancy started trying her hand in photography, first during her student years (a Psychopathology Masters degree, as well as two years at Drama School), then making a career for herself, via artistic collaborations with some of the big names of French photography, such as Quentin Bertoux and François Delebecque.

In the year 2000, she moves to New York, which is in the grip of the graffiti boom. Her photography documents street art, and one of her pictures ends up being published in BIG Magazine, in 2001 in New York, her first press publication; she was just 24 years old.

Back in France, Cyneye moves to Paris, where she takes part in succession of individual and collective exhibitions, getting herself known as the creator as several series containing a water theme, a subject dear to her heart, and which allowed her to win the 2007 Humanitarian Encounters Contest in Villeurbanne.

She’s also a nude artist, and some of the prints from her series on a dark background were exhibited during a retrospective of women artists since the XIXth century, alongside Suzanne Valadon and Camille Claudel.

As well as the aforementioned work, she also documents big Parisian building sites (in 2014 and 2015: the Vuitton Foundation, the Philharmonic, the Panthéon…) without ever abandoning the visual storytelling that makes her artistic personality so compelling.

Represented by the Basia Embiricos Gallery, she’s displaying prints of shibari taken from her series « Beyond », in the Paris Photo Off exhibition at La Bellevilloise, in 2014, and some of her “Workers”‘s series in November 2015,  at the international documentary fair “What’s Up Doc” in Paris.

Cyneye lives and works in Paris. A committed artist, she has taken part in several exhibitions in aid of UNICEF.

In October 2015, she won the Big Photography Price of Gemlucart in Monaco, contributing to research against cancer.

She also writes articles for various photography magazines and websites.